Where can you buy Antminer?

This type of miners is intended for the mining of only one kind of crypto currency, since they work on the basis of an integrated circuit, created for only one kind of algorithm.

Advantages over GPU miners are lower power consumption and greater efficiency.

About antminer market

The emergence of cryptocurrency has entailed the issue of mining digital money. For some, this process has become an additional source of earnings, and for experienced miners – the meaning of life. Not so long ago, the first bitcoins were extracted using a computer, then video cards were used. However, the miner was faced with the following problem: the level of complexity of the production of cryptocurrency increased, it required a powerful equipment that consumes a huge amount of electricity. These difficulties are partially solved with the advent of special equipment for antiminer base – ASIC.

What is Asic needed for? Asic-miner is a microcircuit that is aimed at performing a specific type of work and appeared antminer 2017. Each asic is designed specifically for a specific algorithm, which it decodes much more quickly than, for example, video cards do.

The company Bitmain once again caused a stir among the miners, announcing in May antminer 2018 about the imminent release of the revolutionary asic Bitmain Antminer Z9 MINI. Its price is similar to the cost of two video cards, but the processing power is equivalent to the result of 13-15 video cards 1080 Ti.

For the device of all miners attack, an unprecedented 10k Sol/s hash is predicted with a modest 300W power consumption, which is usually enough for only one overclocked top-end video card.

The developers have implemented a profitable algorithm for Equihash Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, Zcash, ZenCash, KomodoZero, Hush and many others.

Antminer b3 bitcointalk weighs only 3.5 kg and is enclosed in an aluminum case with side rails to collect horizontal mining trusses. Two coolers on the end surfaces of the housing regulate the discharge of heat released during operation.

Bitmain has established a long warranty period of 180 days. In order not to miss this opportunity, you need to generate a ticket for repair on the official website of the manufacturer even if you bought antminer on amazon.

Asic equipment for mining is considered to be in demand and effective method of extracting cryptocurrency. The devices work on the algorithms SHA-256 and Scrypt, which causes a high level of performance on various platforms in the equivalent of Bitcoins, Litecoins, Zcash and Ether. Instruments like antminer a3 review contribute to optimize performance and, despite the high cost of such units, the payback is at the highest levels.

Mining of the antminer asic farm and its features

Application-specific integrated is an integrated circuit that is designed to perform a clearly regulated type of tasks, in contrast to its universal counterparts. This aspect causes the focus exclusively on the costing and processing of data, thereby significantly reducing the cost of solving secondary algorithms, and hence for additional maintenance and consumption of energy resources. A vivid example of the antminer a3 calculator equipment is a chip for encoding and decoding telephone sets. The most powerful analog in the modern market is a 32-bit processor, supplemented with memory blocks such as ROM and RAM.

The key characteristics of the miner of this configuration, which should be noted:

  • performance or hash (the factor determines the potential amount of earnings in the form of crypts);
  • electricity consumption in comparison with the quality of the power grid, which contributes to the smooth functionality and reliability of the equipment.

The cost, which varies by the Bitcoin rate (the higher the ratio, the more expensive the rigging).

In 2018, such models of Asic-miners are in demand:

  • Antminer S9;
  • Antminer b3;
  • Antminer S7;
  • Avalon 6;
  • Antminer S5.

Purchase of equipment for mining processes

Sale of products such as Mining Farm Asic, carried out by the online store AsicPro. Antminer b3 firmware guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of earnings on the platforms for miners, as well as technical support and loyal service. The antminer b3 price will please various financial categories. The list of services also includes the provision of cloud mining, which minimizes the cost of server maintenance, while yielding a stable income in the form of actual crypto-currencies.