Top antiminers

The extraction of cryptocurrency implies carrying out complex calculations of hashov headings, a set of transactions and random numbers. The purpose of these actions is the formation of a unit to receive compensation in the form of digital currencies. Calculations are carried out using special equipment – Asic miners, like antminer u2.

About antminer

Qualitative models, like antminer s9 profitability include several processors on a chip base, a cooler and power supplies.

When selecting equipment for example antminer a3, the following parameters should be considered:

  • the effectiveness of a hashreit;
  • the ratio of quality and price – on this depends on the payback period, which is relevant for any investment;
  • electricity consumption is one of the most significant items in the process of mining.

What is better – an Asic or a graphics card?

Initially, it was supposed to be driven by video cards, however, in due course, special equipment appeared. So, the antminer mining’s features are characterized by the following features:

  • quickstart;
  • raresoftwareupdate;
  • a small set of components to ensure trouble-free operation;
  • limitationofavailablealgorithms;
  • highnoiselevel.

Farms video cards require more time for assembly, while requiring frequent software updates, without which very quickly a deficit of speeds. Transportation of farms is very difficult, they often need repairs and a large number of parts.

Popular manufacturers

BitMain is one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for mining and specializes in the production of ASIC devices. The company not only manufactures devices for the production of crypto currency, but also has its own pools and farms.

BitMain has its own AntPool pool and Nash Best cloud service. Each user of BitMain equipment can connect devices to these platforms, which are also available for miners using third-party devices.


During the activity the manufacturer produced a wide range of devices for mining. Old models are no longer being implemented, because due to the serious increase in the complexity of mining digital currency, their use has ceased to be profitable.

The company is constantly developing new devices with higher performance and lower power consumption.

The most popular and current ASIC miners at the moment are antminer s4 and antminer s9. Both devices are designed to produce bitcoins. They are distinguished by the maximum productivity and efficiency of all presented on the market.

Model antminer s1 is equipped with 189 chips, in the s9 antminer model 171 chips are installed. These miners cryptocurrency work on their own software from Bitmain. New models, when compared with previously available options, have a performance of 175% more, while the level of energy consumption has decreased by 60%.

The disassembled miner The performance of the bitcoin antminer u3 is 11.5, 12.5, 13, 13.5 or 14 Tx / s (+/- 5%) – this figure depends on the lot. The performance of the Antminer T9 is 12.5 Tx / s (+/- 5%).

Described devices and antminer S5 up to the production of cryptocurrency work with the algorithm SHA-256, which provides the functionality of Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin for many miners lost relevance due to the increasing complexity of production. Therefore, BitMain has developed a number of Antminer offerings designed to obtain other digital currencies, such as Litecoin and Dash. These coins have less profitability, but still quite promising, and the equipment created for their extraction is more affordable.

The most relevant Asic-miners include the following (in accordance with the algorithms for the extraction of digital currency):


  • Antminer S9;
  • Pantech WX6;
  • Miner Ebit E9+;
  • Antminer z9;
  • Miner Ebit E9;
  • Antminer b3;
  • Avalon Miner;
  • Avalon Miner 721;
  • Antminer s7.


  • Antminer L3;
  • Antminer l3+;
  • Alcheminer;
  • Innosilicon A4.


  • Pinidea ASIC X11 Miner DR-100;
  • Innosilicon A5 Dominator;
  • iBelink DM22G;
  • iBelink DM11G;
  • Antminer e3.

Profitability and payback

To evaluate the profitability and profitability of any one, you can use online calculators:

  • Bitcoin Cloud Mining;
  • Whattomine;
  • Nicehash;
  • CoinWarz.

To calculate the profitability of the miner, you need to know its 2 parameters – performance and power consumption. You will also need to specify a price of 1 kW / h.

For example, the profitability of the Bitmainantminer l3+ for sale device is 18.37 USD / day, which is equal to 765.07 USD/month.

So you can calculate antminer s9 price and the approximate payback period of the device – it is about 4.5 months. And again, this is only an approximate calculation, since it does not take into account the increase in the complexity of the network, the rise or fall of the exchange rates of digital currencies.