How to buy antminer U1?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are again growing, however, like all other crypto currencies, and a new wave of mining begins. All those who did not become miners in 2017, already in 2018 just want to try themselves in this matter and not miss the bird of happiness.

About antminer u1

Antminer u1 – the antminer vent, which replaced the obsolete and discontinued Gridseed GC3355. Continuing the comparison of these devices, you should pay attention to their main and most important difference – the Antminer u1 uses not five but four more modern chips of the BM1382 series.

With almost the same power consumption, the performance of the Antminer u1 is 64 Ghash / s, which is about 10 times higher than that of the GC3355. Those for whom the main goal is scrypt currencies LiteCoin and DogeCoin, will be disappointed, since there is no way to get these crypto currencies from u1.

It is worth acknowledging that the hedgehogs (Gridseed GC3355) still remain quite reliable devices today, they have remained damp, and many of their shortcomings, unfortunately, have not been eliminated so far. For example, hangs, in which you have to manually reboot the program, and sometimes the hedgehogs themselves, to continue their work. In antminer buy, there is no problems. In case of errors in the work, the miner will not only reboot itself, but will also automatically change the pool if it considers its work insufficiently stable.

An important detail: USB-cable and power supply are included in the kit u1. Modern design and small size allow you to place it on any desk or shelf, not particularly attracting attention.

Probably, it is possible to continue to enumerate all the technical parameters, but I decided not to engage in retelling what can be read in the manual antminer firmware, but to answer the question that interests most all. How much now you can dig it and earn it?

At the time of writing, the income averaged $0.16 per day, excluding electricity costs. At the same time, the measured power consumption at full load was 52.3 kilowatt/hour.

Installation and configuration and startup takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

Mining as a business – mathematical model of antminer profitability calculator

Very often the following question is asked: “Is it profitable now to engage in mining?” Answering is become convinced that they are asking him not to get an answer, but to confirm his point of view. Those who received the answer, which they wanted to hear, immediately agreed, without asking any additional questions. Much more interesting is the reaction of those who wanted to hear a different answer. For this reason, I try not to answer this question, but I propose to discuss the mathematical model of mining as a business, leaving the interlocutor the right to answer his own question about the profitability of mining bitcoins.

The first, without which today can not do, is directly the miner himself – ASIC. Extraction of electronic currencies on video cards, processors and other alternatives of ASIC should not even be seriously considered in principle. Today in the market you can find a huge selection of various models of miners for Bitcoinantminer bitmain.

Consider a good model for home use – the Antminer S5 model with a power just above 1 Thash/s. Its cost in the market with delivery is approximately $500. Now, what manufacturers are reluctant to say, and without which the miner-food will not work. Use a low-cost or removed from the old computer power supply will not work. Antminer S5 works only on a modern, power higher than 850 watts and the parameter +85 power supply. The price of such blocks starts from about $150. The bottom line: the minimum costs (and here we did not include all kinds of cords, adapters, etc.) is $650.

Our machine will bring us $ 2.09 each day (the data is taken from the resource coinwarz). This means that all costs pay off after 650/2.09 = 311 days. But our miner should eat, and he eats a lot – 600 Wh / hour, which per month will be 600*24*30=432 kW/h !!! Atcurrentelectricityprices, thisisabout $40 permonth.