Bitcoin mining machines

Compact ASIC Antminer U3 returned updated. Bitmain still released it for sale, but before that took into account the comments that customers expressed on previous models. Yes, it’s been three years since the first U3 was released. The complexity of bitcoin bitclockers calculator by the algorithm SHA256 has increased many times, old devices can not cope, even with the upgrade.

About antminer u3

Bitcoin mining USB devices in a row with small fans.

Antminer U3 – the miner, which replaced the obsolete and discontinued Gridseed GC3355. Continuing the comparison of these devices, you should pay attention to their main and most important difference – the asic calculator uses not five but four more modern chips of the BM1382 series.

With almost the same power consumption, the performance of the bitcoin antminer U3 is 64 Ghash/s, which is about 10 times higher than that of the GC3355. Those for whom the main goal is scrypt currencies LiteCoin and DogeCoin, will be disappointed, since there is no way to get these crypto currencies from U3.

It’s worth acknowledging that the Gridseed GC3355 still remains a fairly reliable device for today, they have remained damp, and many of their shortcomings, unfortunately, have not been eliminated until now. For example, hangs, in which you have to manually reboot the program, and sometimes the hedgehogs themselves, to continue their work. In Antminer U3, there is no such problem. In case of errors in the work, the miner will not only reboot itself, but will also automatically change the pool if it considers its work insufficiently stable.
An important detail: USB-cable and power supply are included in the kit U3. Modern design and small size allow you to place it on any desk or shelf, not particularly attracting attention.

Probably, it is possible to continue to enumerate all the technical parameters of asic miner calculator, but to answer the question that interests most all. How much now you can dig it and earn it?

At bit mining calculatorthe income averaged $0.16 per day, excluding electricity costs. At the same time, the measured power consumption at full load was 52.3 kilowatt/hour.

Installation and configuration and startup takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

Updated mini ASIC

Bitmain asic mining hardware maintains a reputation, introduces new technologies, quickly replaces obsolete devices of previous generations. Or, following the wishes of users, improves and improves the most successful models. So did with ASIC Antminer U3. They improved the memorable design, improved the cooling system, increased energy efficiency – as a result of these actions, the consumption of electricity decreased.

The average price of Antminer U3 is 35 ± 5 dollars, ads for sale can be found on the Internet. Bitmain’s neat device connects via USB, it can be seen as some funny way to extract Bitcoin at home or in the office. Outwardly, this bitclockers mining calculator looks beautiful and stylish, noisy by 25 dB, which is quite acceptable, not louder than the computer.


The performance with which this miner produces bitcoins will be 63 Gh/s, the power consumption at the same time will not be more than 60W. The load on the network is minimal, comparable to an incandescent lamp. The energy efficiency of production is 1 watt per gigahash per second, which is comparable to other similar ones.

Compared to similar devices to average bitcoin mining rate, the new Antminer U3 does not need to be manually rebooted after a hangup occurs. During the run of the asic, there were no such shortcomings. There is an automatic restart after the detected error. Additional program plus – the device changes the pool if its work is not stable.

There is only one disappointment. Although the Antminer U3 is made using the SHA256 algorithm, the extraction of alternative cryptocurrency like the Litecoin or Dogecoin does not support the asic. It can also be beaten by bitcoin through a contract with a cloud service, for example, with Hashflare or Genesis Mining.

People, for whom mining is just a hobby, can use one or more of these asics. USB connectivity is provided for this purpose.