Antminers: pros and cons

Someone assembled the farm on video cards, but there were those who preferred ASIC miners to farms. But for sure there are those who have not decided yet because they want to weigh all the pros and cons of each of the two options – we’ll tel

l about them below.

Basic characteristics of the asics

  • Performance or hashed. The more this characteristic, the higher the yield of the Asica;
  • Energy consumption. In different models of asics, it can be very different. When choosing, the buyer usually looks at how many hashes will be calculated per unit of energy;
  • Price;
  • Noise, heat generation and size. If the farm is planned to house, it is necessary to look at the noise and size of the calculator. But no matter how quiet and small the calculator is, it is not advisable to use the Asics at home.
  • Not all asisare created for Bitcoin mining. Some are targeted for antminerlitecoin (the Scrypt algorithm), Dash (X11 bitmainantminer r4), and other kinds of crypts.

What is the best choice for mining in 2018?

Like any other antminerusb, even the best asic for the 2018 mining, have its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, the advantages of mining cryptocurrency with their help outweigh all existing inconveniences.


  • High performance equipment;
  • Do not need frequent software updates;
  • High antminer power supply;
  • The system does not require additional components;
  • Easy setup;
  • Easy transportation.


  • Difficulties in repairing with breakdowns;
  • Restrictions on algorithms;
  • Noisy work and heat generation, which complicates the use at home;
  • Snap to the place.

When choosing a specific asic, you need to carefully consider all the existing advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps, the most significant characteristics are reliability, because even the best Asic will not bring profit in the event of a breakdown.

The best ASIC for mining 2018 on SHA-256: antminer s9 review

Crypto currency The bitcoin and other coins operate on SHA-256, a cryptographic hash function that is created in the USA. When mining tokens on this equipment, many tasks are solved to find a suitable hash for creating the next block.
BitmainAntminer S9 – a device for mining virtual coins, running on SHA-256. This is new version of s7 antminer and can make calculations with a capacity of up to 14 TX / sec. According to the owners, the device has a stable job and a high rate of return, besides it is easy to install. On antminers9 power supply boards there are 189 chips that are created using 16-nm FinFET technology. From the advantages of an Asic, it should be noted the fast microprocessor used on the control panel, a good heat sink system from the work boards and a small size that allows working with the device at home. Adjustment of the device takes a little time and it can be used after turning on and entering the main parameters. At around 24-hour Bitcoin production, an Asic brings almost $ 216 per month. On the official site the cost of the antminer s11 and s9 is 2 thousand dollars. Taking into account the delivery costs will be higher, so the average payback is 11 months.

The best ass for mining on Scrypt in 2018

On this algorithm, you can lighten the litecoin and many more promising coins.
AsicAntminer L3 + from This model has a hashtate of 504 MH per second. This is the first device from this manufacturer, in the case of which there are more than 200 chips. Asic has a standard built-in controller. On the official site of the new device is $ 1800. Given the delivery, its price will be approximately $ 2,000. The income of the AsicAntminer L3 + is about 80 dollars per day. Under such conditions, the device will recoup itself somewhere in 8 months.


As a conclusion, it can be noted that the Chinese company has very effectively used the growth of the popularity of mining throughout the entire 2017 and released a new product that meets the needs of users, like popular antminer S5 profitability.
It is important that you can pay for it with the help of bitcoin and litecoin. Of course, you can buy goods for US dollars. Although the first option is more popular solution because of the large commissions when using fiat money. For each copy, a 180-day warranty is provided, effective from the date of delivery.