Antminer s9

Consider its characteristics, find out how much it earns. Miner antminer s9 is the one that without overclocking gives 14 th/s.

About antminer s9 profitability

Attention to the differences between antminers s9 antigen from s9i only in consumption, in s9i it is less by about 100 watts. Do not confuse with that which is 13.5 th/s. Although they are almost the same.

The minicar antminer s9 and s9i are currently the most popular for mining on the sha256 algorithm. For example, known to all bitcoin, as well as Bitcoin cash and other forks. To be honest, I never thought that I would run the ashikami. I decided to try it, and I will not say badly. Especially if you have a free outlet. Now further on the characteristics. If you want to customize the mining itself, then read the article – Configuring antminer s9.

Antminer s9 review

Probably start with the price, although this is not a characteristic. The price for antminer s9 from bitmain is always different. It depends on the current demand and the rate for bitcoin. And it grows along with the course, so it’s hard to talk about the exact price. If you order a large batch directly from the factory, one antminer s9 price will be 1500 dollars. But if you take one unit, for example in Moscow. That price for today ranges from 1800 to 20000 dollars with a power supply. But now the rate has grown, and again people ran to buy asic miner bitmain antminer s9, because of this, such an inflated price.

In Antminer s9 soldered chips BM1387, with high efficiency.

On algorithm sha 256 antminer s9 produces a speed of 14 terahashes without overclocking. What while top.
According to the measurements, according to the manufacturer, the power consumption of antminer s9 is about 1300 watts, while s9i has about 1200 watts. That’s basically a good level of efficiency.

Antminer s9 roi what is mined

Very controversial issue, I think everyone thinks for himself. As I wrote above, it works on the sha-256 algorithm. What currency? I think that the most profitable currency for the s9 is the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. How many mines? I think the question is not correct, as every day is different.

Also there were small questions. The weight of the antminer s9 is about 7 kilograms, a maximum of about ten. He did not weigh, but many ask this question. Internet traffic miner consumes little, I think gigabytes a month will suffice, a maximum of 2.

Antminer s9 noise

He is very noisy, he can not be kept in an apartment or a private house. In the apartment even the neighbors can hear how he makes a noise. As three industrial very powerful vacuum cleaner. There is a variant of fan replacement, but the cost of this issue will be 200 – 300 dollars.

Antminer s9 technical specifications

Slot for SD card – you do not need it, it needs firmware antminer s9. But it is never required, at least for today.
The IP report button is needed so that a special program determines which IP address the network has given to the miner. I think it’s easier to determine through a router or Switch.

ETH input – no it’s not ether :), it’s an Ethernet input, for a cable that will feed your s9 Internet LAN, in simple terms, a LAN cable.

The Reset button – in case you have not made the correct settings for the miner and now can not access it. This button returns the Miner to the factory settings.

And 2 indicator lights Normal green diode, and Fault red diode. Normal is when everything is fine and the miner is working, Fault says that there are some problems. Attention, after the start of the miner the first minutes the red diode Fault may be lit, do not panic this is normal.

Antminer s9 profit calculator payback

Antminer s9 profitability at altitude, but it all depends on how much you buy it. Naturally, the lower the price, the faster the payback. Typically, the payback of aantminer s9 calculator, even at a high price (the price increases together with the demand, demand and profitability) is not more than five months. But I did not take light into account. You can also increase the profitability of antminer s9, if you store the currency like me. That is, for example, I mined the month but did not withdraw, and as you noticed that the rate has doubled and I have twice as much money. Now I need much less time to pay back to the end.