Antminer b3

Bitmain, the Chinese company for the production of Asic Miners, continues to please its customers with new products. This time antminer bitmain announced and already sold the first batch of 2500 Asic Antminer B3 for the Bytom (BTM) currency minting. The developers at the start of Bytom were initially oriented when developing their POW algorithm for ASIC devices.

Characteristics Bitmain Asic antminer box B3:

  • Hashreit: 780 H / s
  • Power consumption: 360W
  • Energy Efficiency: 0.46 J / H
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
  • Price: 2453 USD

The first sold-out lot will be sent after the promises of developers after May 1, 2018.

For more information on the antminer chip temp presented, please visit: site of Bitmain.

Information on the very cryptocurrency Bytom in English chats is quite small. Of the known services supporting BTM, this is Coinmarketcap. According to this site, the price for Bytom is now around 1 USD per coin. It is also possible to learn from Coinmarketcap that BTM has been trading since mid-2017, however, Bytom existed as ERC20 token of the Ethereum network until April 24. A full-fledged launch took place only on April 24, 2018 on its own blockade with the creation of the genesis of the block with the same amount of cryptocurrency that the owners of ERC20 tokens had.

Yield from antminer cryptonight B3

At the moment, it’s difficult to talk about the profitability of the asic because the BTM coin yield calculator is not yet available. Some users assume that the reward will be in several hundred coins in the early days, antminer comparison as in the case of Mining Callisto.
According to white paper, 33% of all coins will be reserved for miners – this is about 693 million Bytom. A total of 1.4 billion coins were issued.

Asic Bitmain Antminer b3 review

780 H/s Tensority + BP Bitmain 1600 W.

Asik Bitmain Antminer B3 works on the algorithm Tensority. Antminer configuration operates the innovative Chinese cryptocurrency Bytom, for the extraction of which is intended asik. The 780H/s has a very good income even with frequent fluctuations in the exchange rate, which can be measured using the WHAT TO MINE website.

The power required to operate the device is only only 360 W, which is a very low indicator even for an asik. The noise level also remains at an acceptable level of 75 dB. But the maximum heating temperature in antminer cooling setup, in comparison with the old models, has increased, and now ranges from 0 С to 85 С.

The case of size 312.54mm*124.3mm*154.65mm is designed for the installation of three boards and two antminer coolers for cooling. The weight of the antminer cooling assembled device does not exceed 5.5 kg.

Power antminer custom firmware is supplied from the standard for many devices of the BP model Bitmain 1600 W. The connection to the network is via a normal Ethernet cable.

Asic Bitmain Antminer B3 is configured before direct sale, and is ready to work immediately upon completion of delivery. And besides, after purchase, everyone can get free training in the basics of working with the device for antminer b3 setup.

Innovative cryptoproject Bytom

BTM, as its creators claim, is not an ordinary coin. Its goal is to participate in the formation of a platform for the development of the future model of the world economy. Simply put, investing in Bytom, you can manage any financial resources with antminer coupon: both real (fiat money, shares, dividends), and cryptographic assets.
Bytom developers guarantee the confidentiality and security of such operations. Experts also call the two main “pluses” of the new cryptographic currency:

  • maintenance of many cryptonets in one electronic wallet, opened with one personal key;
  • optimization, expressed in three tiers Bytom: transactional, contractual, cooperative.

Since April 2018 the Bytom system has switched to the more convenient Tensority algorithm for miners. This makes it possible to successfully produce tokens as the owner of a huge farm with advanced equipment, as well as a novice miner with a single video card.

While 1 BTM costs $ 1. But the team of BTM creators, which does not step back from the road map, assures that the profitability of the new currency’s production will be impressive.

It remains to add that Bytom is in the TOP-30 of the largest cryptographic currencies. In the rating of CoinMarketCap it occupies the 27th position. 33% of coins are planned for mining. Emission of a digital asset BTM – 1.4 billion coins.