For those who have just heard about the existence of magic boxes that make money, generating crypto-currencies, and are already ready to run headlong into the bank for loans, I hasten to cool your ardor a little and keep your nerves and money in the future.

About Antminer

Miner S1 from Antminer company can be one of the best offers on the market of equipment for the production of cryptonet. For $529, it provides a mining capacity of 180 GH / s, while consumption is about 360 watts. On these indicators, he surpasses the famous Cube miner. In addition, if there is access to cheap electricity or its cost does not matter to the user, then the miner can be “overclocked” to 200 GH/s.

The delivery with the equipment also includes special software. In fact, this is a real computer that is built into the miner. At the same time, it can work with any operating system – Windows, Linux or Mac. Simply set it up (create your own pool, username and password) directly from the browser and it will start to “drip”.

What is not unimportant, is the lack of the need to connect to the master of its main computer. Once all settings are completed, the antminer calculator is able to work independently. Just in this it is very different from the same Cube.

In S1 built-in Wi-Fi module, although the range of its built-in antenna is very small, so, most likely, you will need to install an additional antenna.

This miner is good for beginners, who are ready to part with a little more than 200 dollars. Antminer r4 has an excellent price for every GH/s capacity, which is only about 170 dollars .

There are disadvantages to the antminer s5 profit calculator. It is a pair of motherboards connected to a rigid structure, which are not protected from dust. In addition, it is equipped with a very noisy fan. In this regard, it is unlikely that it can be conveniently placed where the thread in the bedroom, and at the cottage or in the garage – just right. The main thing – to protect from dust and dirt.

Technical characteristics antminer s3 profitability

ASIC miner Bitmain Antminer s3:

  • Hash Rate: 15 GH / s ± 5%
  • Power consumption: 1200W (at 25 ° C)
  • Process technology: 16nm
  • Dimensions: 320mm (D) x 130mm (W) x 190mm (H)
  • Operating conditions: 0 ° C to 40 ° C
  • Hashing algorithm: X11
  • Weight: 5,5 kg

Forecast of profitability and payback AntMiner S3

Despite the fact that it is called super-profitable, we will try to look at this statement with a sober look.
Before purchasing expensive equipment, one must always take into account that its yield will depend directly on two important factors: the complexity of the hashing algorithm and the market value of the coin. Therefore, do not consider S3 as an absolute source of super-profit in the amount of, say, $100 per day. If this were so, then governments around the world would start using it, not allowing the product to enter the market.

It is noted that when you purchase a new ASIC you need to focus on payback within 7-9 months with a yield of 12-20$. This is the most realistic calculation considering the correlations of the unstable market. Along with this, it is important to monitor the situation in China, which has an impact on the price. Now two forecasts prevail: extraction will be controlled by the state or will be banned. And in the first and second case the yield of AntMiner S3 will increase.

It’s safe to say that antminer monero is the best ASIC for coin mining on the X11 algorithm. To convince you of this, we listed the main advantages of the new device:

The possibility of obtaining a large profit in a short time. According to preliminary forecasts, the miner will bring his owner about $ 190 daily. This is at times more than can be obtained using l3, S7 or S9.

It allows to obtain coins using the algorithm X11 (Cannabiscoin (CANN), Darkcoin (DASH), Quark (QRK), etc.) and, according to experts, are the most promising and stable.

High power. To date, this is the most powerful solution on the X11 algorithm, many times ahead of its main competitors: 15 GH/s with a power consumption of only 1200 watts speak for themselves.

User-friendly interface control. For customization, you do not need to have any deep specialized knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency mining. Housing material and cooling system. Aluminum compact body is light and convenient for use at home, and two fans do not allow the device to overheat. Speaking about Bitmain,it should be noted that it already has quite a lot of experience and reputation in the production of equipment aimed at the production of altcoins.

But at the moment the complexity of creating new units has become so high that specialized chips for calculating hash sums worth hundreds of dollars do not even pay for electricity. Most of the miners have long switched to young crypto-currencies (like Litecoin). On the same platform, you will not be able to earn btc. Now either cloud mining or pool.