Antiminer s7

Equipment for mining is the first step to the successful production of crypto-currency. Someone uses powerful video cards. Someone is looking for ready solutions in the form of already assembled and configured farms for mining. Experienced users order components for mining and try to build a farm on their own. A more wealthy contingent of miners, who wants to mine “on a large scale,” selects miners.

About Antminer S7

Antminer S7 is a fairly productive ASIC miner intended for the extraction of the Bitcoin digital currency. Released by leading manufacturer of industrial mining equipment by BitMain. Entered the market as a replacement for the previous S5 model.

The first batches of the new ash were started to be delivered in the fall of 2015. But, despite this, the miner remains quite relevant at the moment. Miner Antminer S7 is no longer produced by BitMain, but it is easy to find it on the secondary market, and at a fairly affordable cost. The device shows quite good performance, despite the fact that now it can be purchased for about $600.

Miner is made in the traditional form factor for such equipment. It is quite compact in size and comparatively light in weight. It is made in an aluminum casing. It has special connectors for connecting several asics to a single farm. A standard Ethernet port is used to connect to the network.

Antminer s7 review – technical specifications overview

The device is based on 135 chips BM1385 produced by BitMain. These chips are made on a 28-nanometer process technology. Despite the fact that now they are producing asips with 16-nanometer chips, BM1385 also produces quite good performance, at a relatively low cost.

Antminer s7ln has the standard for this device size – 267h130h155 mm.

Operates from a 12 V + 5% power supply (the output voltage of the PSU must not be below 12 V). At the same time, the power supply unit, complete with the miner, is not supplied, it will have to be purchased separately.

The energy consumption level, in the maximum performance mode, is – 1293 W. With this consumption, the productivity of the asika is 4.73 texes per second (± 5%). Even by current standards, these are quite good indicators.

The energy efficiency of the device is 0.25 joules per gigahash.

Equipped with one fan. The cooling system copes with heating quite effectively, the miner does not overheat, which is a key factor for stable operation around the clock. However, the fan is quite noisy, so it is recommended to place the farm in a specially prepared room.

The operating temperature of the device is in the range of 0-40 ° C.

Miner Antminer S7 is designed for mining cryptocurrency on the SHA-256 protocol, and, first of all, Bitcoin.
The device consists of 3 boards, on which chips are placed. On the boards are mounted heat sink radiators, providing effective cooling. Each board has standard PCI-E connectors for power connection.

Particular attention should be given to the selection of the power supply. The manufacturer recommends using a PSU with a power of at least 1600 W to ensure the stable operation of the miner. In this case, the power supply must have 10 PCI-E power connectors. 9 connectors are designed to power cards with chips (3 connectors each), and one is connected to the control board. As the owners of such ASIC’s note, enough power for a 1300 W power unit is enough. However, this should be a high-quality PSU, corresponding to the claimed power. Often, power supplies produce slightly less power than stated, and they do not always work stably at maximum load, so it is recommended to select a device with a margin of 100-200 watts.

This ASIC is configured quite simply. As with other BitMain models, there is a convenient web interface for fine tuning. The parameters are categorized, which facilitates the setup and start-up process. There are a lot of different parameters, which provides the flexibility of configuring the device.

Via the web interface, you can control the speed of the fan. This allows you to adjust the cooling system to the quietest mode, while avoiding overheating. The fan is very easy to set up – just specify its power in percent. As the users note, at an average room temperature, the fan is able to cope with cooling at 40-50% power, while producing a comfortable noise level.

The web interface also allows you to overclock the processor by changing the clock frequency. In this way, you can increase the performance of the asik, but by increasing the power consumption.

Antminer s7 calculator – review of profitability and payback

As of the end of 2017, antminer s7 profitcan not be called very effective, but it still allows you to get a good passive income. In addition, compared to newer and more productive devices, the cost of Antminer S7 is much lower. To calculate profitability and payback, it is necessary to proceed from the actual price of the antminer s7 profit calculator, the cost of electricity, the Bitcoin exchange rate and the complexity of production.